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Rented out - Rental House in Mishawaka

The house on Ewing Street in Mishawaka is rented out as of 5/4/2021.  Thank you for coming to our open house on 5/1/2021.  We appreciate your time and interest.  You can still visit our Active Listing page for details and pictures of this property.

Late Fee Restoration 
Due to COVID-19, we have been waiving late fees and penalties since April 2020. Effective January 1, 2021, late payment fees are restored according to the original contracts. We understand that some of you may still be experiencing economic hardships. In which case, please reach out to us before the payment due dates. We will evaluate each case's situation and decide on whether further relieves can be provided.  

Elkhart County Reassessment

Elkhart County Assessor’s Office will be conducting a complete reassessment of some neighborhood during the next several weeks. Its employees wear identification badges. Their vehicles have county license plates and Elkhart County Assessor decals on the front doors. They will be verifying the information of each home by conducting a complete field inspection or desktop review utilizing aerial maps. This will involve measuring any structures on your property plus verifying the information of the interior of your home. If a field visit is being completed, they will attempt to notify you of their presence by ringing the doorbell or knocking. If no answer, they will proceed to measure and take photos. If you are at home, they have a few questions to ask. THEY DO NOT NEED TO ENTER YOUR HOME.


1. Indiana Michigan Power will be doing some tree and brush clearance at properties in the Twin Branch Mishawaka area.
2. AEP will be using drones to inspect transmission lines.
3. Please do not flush baby wipes or disinfected wipes down the toilets. These clog up the septic system and the sewer lines. You will be fined if a line is clogged and linked back to you.
4. It is time to change those furnace filters and check your batteries in the smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detector.
5. When you deposit your rent payments to our bank account, please make sure that you note your address or name on the deposit slips for easy identification.

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