Rental Process


Come to open house

No appointment is needed for open house.  Just come to the house at the scheduled time.  We do not show properties before or after scheduled open house.

Submit an application

All applicants must submit an application to be considered. There is no application fee. Applications are NOT approved on first-come-first-serve basis. 

Sign contract

If the house is offered to you, you will be contacted to sign contract and pay security deposit within a week after open house.

Open House

When a property is ready for showing, we will list the property and provide open house information on the listings and on our website. Please understand that we do not show houses before their scheduled open house to ensure that all potential applicants have the equal opportunities to view and apply. No appointment is needed for open house. Please just come to the house at the scheduled time. Also, when you are at the open house, you do not need to knock. Just walk in and take a tour on your own. We will have someone at the open house to greet you and answer your questions. Due to COVID-19 concerns, please wear face masks and follow social distancing rules.

Application Approval

We do not charge an application fee and do not show properties after open house during the application review period. Please note that we do not accept immediate money down in lieu of going through the required application evaluation process or take the house off the market prior to scheduled open house. Applications are NOT approved on first-come-first-serve basis. We evaluate applications using multiple criteria, including but not limited to background check, current and previous landlord references, and employment/income history.  The final decision is not based on any single factor.  We do not disqualify applicants based on bankruptcy or credit history alone.  We thank you for your understanding of our policy.

You can download an application by going to our Download Center or click here.  You can submit your application at our open house or via email. ­

Contract Signing

We try our best to complete the application review, verification, and approval process in a timely manner.  But due to the other parties (such as landlords and employers) do not always respond timely to inquiries, it normally takes a week to complete the Application Approval process.  Once a decision is made, we will offer the property to the approved applicant with the highest score.  Since the property is not considered rented out until Rental Contract is signed and security deposit is paid, it is expected that the approved applicant will meet with us and sign contract within 24 hours after being contacted.  This is to ensure that we can notify the other applicants in a timely manner so that they can move on to other properties.  

Section 8

Sorry, we do not accept section 8 vouchers or similar third-party pay arrangement at this time.

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